E85/Gas Carburetors


E85/Gas Carburetors

  • Each carburetor is thoroughly converted and calibrated to your engine/car specs. These E85/Gas carburetors will give you the best performance you can ask for. All carburetors are test-run on a engine prior to shipment to ensure it is working at its best and has proper tune before going on your car. We believe you deserve the best so we offer the best in E85/Gas performance

All RAD carburetors are built to order and built specific to your application so that you get the best performance possible from your carburetor. Here is a few details when you buy your carburetor

           – Completely disassembled, modified, cleaned, and inspected
           – Carbs get converted and calibrated
           – Test run on engine to fine tune the carburetor for best performance
           – Over the phone tech service to help with install and tune

If you have a used carb you want to send in to have converted we accept that as well but carb must be in really good working order. Carbs beyond a cleaning and non repairable we will not use due to the critical specs and performance you will be getting out of your carburetor.

Pricing are listed for converting and calibration per carburetor type. 


RAD E85/Gas Conversion: Carburetors (Draw/All Motor, Blow Through)

                     2 Barrel BT Conversion –  $300 Blow Through
                     4 Barrel BT Conversion –  $375 Blow Through

 Basic Calibration/Baseline Tune (this is for  Gas NA and Gas Draw through only)

  •              Disassembled,
  •              Cleaned and Inspected,
  •              Properly adjusted to our specs and match your combo
  •              Loaded with one of our proven tunes
  •              Ready to Run! 
  •              Tested and tuned on a running engine to ensure perfection

                       4 or 2 barrel calibration – $125 

Pricing subject to change without notice

Complete new carburetor pricing, Please call.